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Kawaii Icontest
An icontest for all things cute :3!
Week 29 - Submit! 
4th-Sep-2007 08:23 pm
Week 29: Nyankoland
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One image provided for you this week :D taken from nuclearflowers' Flickr account; thanks!

You may use whatever stock, textures, brushes, etc. you want, but you can only have your base be from this image provided.

How to Submit:

URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/helium_icons/pic/000xhzd5
Character/Company*: Iloveegg

* It's okay if you don't know; this is just to help people who might be interested in the character(s) featured.

♥ Up to two icons per artist.
♥ Icons must fit LJ standards: 40 kB max; 100x100 or smaller; PNG, JPG, or GIF.
♥ No fanart or doujinshi unless you have explicit permission from the artist to use it.
♥ Do not advertise your icon or make it public in any way until after voting has ended.
♥ Icons are due by 7PM PST on Sunday, September 9 Sunday, September 23.

Have fun!

- hl
(Screened comment)
21st-Sep-2007 05:05 am (UTC)
...so I normally don't comment on icons submitted, but--omg, hahaha, wtf. XD

- hl
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